Warm up with Goemans Fireplaces’ Black Friday Sales Event


The leaves have fallen and the frigid air seems to be here for good. Yes, it’s that time of year again. It won’t be long before the shovels and sleds are back in action. Putting the finishing touches on your winter preparations is a top priority in the coming weeks. And that goes beyond putting the patio furniture away. Ensuring your home is a warm and comfy respite from the bitter cold will enable you and your family to get the most out of a good ol’ fashioned Canadian winter. Right now just might be the best time to add that warmth and comfort to your home. 

Find great deals on fireplaces and accessories at the Goemans Fireplaces Black Friday Sale – running from November 24th to December 4th!

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If you’ve been considering adding a fireplace to your home, you’re certainly not alone – especially at this time of year. Whether you’re finishing up a living room or basement renovation, or even thinking of putting an additional fireplace in the master bedroom, there are plenty of options to accommodate your space.  

Find the right fireplace for your home.  

For those in older homes with a traditional wood-burning fireplace, you can significantly enhance the efficiency and convenience of a gas-fireplace insert. The versatility, along with the selections available, assures there’s something to fit your room and your décor. Even rooms that are on the small side can now have the visual beauty and warmth of a fireplace. Direct venting has made the need for chimneys a thing of the past – requiring only access to an exterior wall. New zero-clearance units eliminate much of the space that was once needed between the fireplace and combustible materials. And some of the most innovative, modern-style fireplaces are electric units; providing a stunning look to your space without requiring any venting or taking up much space at all. These units can also be a perfect addition to a rental unit, apartment, or condo.  

Take advantage of Goemans Black Friday sales. 

Goemans’ Black Friday Sales makes all of these possibilities even more attainable. With great deals on selected units and accessories, now is a very good time to add a fireplace to your home or upgrade your current unit. This event also offers a unique opportunity to check out our new Stoney Creek location – we’re still undergoing some renovations but have some BIG savings – at  430 McNeilly Road, Unit 106 at the corner of the South Service Road and McNeilly Road, between the Fruitland and Fifty Road QEW exits.  

Make this winter a lot more comfortable. The  Black Friday sale will only last until December 4th so plan on visiting Goemans Fireplaces soon! 

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