The Power of Fire - Create a Feel Good Home

Home has always been seen as a sanctuary. In a world that seems more stressful than ever, itʼs no wonder health and wellbeing at home have become must-haves. People are craving spaces that make them feel good, from spa-like bathrooms to backyard oases. Goemans Fireplaces and Napoleon couldnʼt help but wonder if we might be able to enhance the ways people rest, relax and rejuvenate. Keep reading to find out how fireplaces can play that role!

What if, through the power of fire, we could help to foster health and wellbeing at home?

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    What Do Fireplaces Have To Do With Wellbeing?

    We have always believed in the power of fire - to warm. To relax. To draw people together. Beyond the relaxation we all know, does fire have the power to make us feel better? We had to find out. We approached the Universities of Alabama and Illinois, two institutions leading the way in the study of health and wellbeing, and established endowments to help propel their research. In separate studies, a fireplace showed statistically significant impacts.

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    The Fireplace Effect

    A fireplace provides so much more than warmth. Sitting by a fireplace, even an electric one, can lower blood pressure and heart rate, helping with relaxation, and lowering the risk of stress-related health issues like heart disease. It can also support mental wellbeing, which is important as we age.

    Fire Relaxes

    At the University of Alabama, studies revealed that 15 minutes in front of a fireplace can actually lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate. Read the study.

    A Fireplace Can Promote:

    • Physical Relaxation
    • Stress Relief
    • Reduced Risk of Stress-Related Health Issues

    Fire Stimulates

    At the University of Illinois, studies revealed that in front of a fire, overall cognitive performance improved by 12 percent, and adaptivity to enrichment-seeking activities (e.g. playing a game) increased.
    Read more about that here.

    A Fireplace can stimulate:

    • Healthy Aging
    • Improved Cognitive Ability
    • Enrichment Seeking

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    There are so many ways to foster health and wellbeing throughout a home. And now, we know a fireplace can be one of them.

    Create a feel-good atmosphere with a fireplace to add comfort, relaxation and more for you and your family. Get in touch with Goemans Fireplaces today to bring the power of a picturesque and glowing fireplace into your home.

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