Stylish, comfortable, and easy – electric fireplaces are well worth the look

As the season of pent-up renovations continues, our attention takes us back indoors. With pandemic restrictrions easing making in-store browsing possible once again, home improvement projects are starting to feel a little more normal again. When it comes to enhancing the comfort of your living space, a fireplace is always in the consideration mix. But incorporating a feature like that is dependent on a host of variables. Size, space, and the ability to have a vent or chimney are always factors – but an electric fireplace can render those issues moot. Electric fireplaces continue to set the standard in versatility while offering show-stopping styles that bring beauty and comfort to almost any room in your home.


A great option for any home – a perfect option for your apartment or condo.

During any renovation, big or small, the addition of features is always dependent on the space available. One of the most appealing aspects of an electric fireplace is their ability to be installed in small spaces. A bedroom, perhaps, may not have a large enough exterior wall for a gas fireplace; but, the warmth and aesthetic appeal of an electric fireplace can be easily accommodated.

If you’re living in an apartment or condo, you may not have even considered adding a fireplace. The venting factor alone may have taken this option off of the table. Space can also be a factor in many urban, high-rise condos as well. But, even if you’re facing some tight restrictions on interior construction, there are electric fireplaces that would suit your space perfectly. It’s such a great way to bring warmth and comfort to your living space – whether it’s in the basement of your suburban home or on the 27th floor in your downtown apartment.


See how the Entice Series from Napoleon be easily installed and add warmth, comfort & style to your living space

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Where cozy comfort meets chic style.

When browsing electric fireplace options like Napoleon’s Entice Series, the first thing many people comment on are the variations in styles that are available. There really is a style to suit everyone’s tastes. There are electric fireplaces that emulate the traditional, but what often draws the wows are the sleek designs that perfectly suit a contemporary environment. Especially for new, minimalist designs, these fireplaces are a visually-impressive addition to that style of décor. The fire styles and crystal media that provide the ember beds offer unique colours and sparkling glimmers – turning the warmth of a fire into a moving piece of art. They truly are captivating.

Easy to install – almost anywhere.

Perhaps the most popular benefit of an electric fireplace is the space required to install it. In smaller spaces, these are an ideal fit. Without having to worry about constructing a chimney or any venting to the outside, the locations for installation increase dramatically. And, as you can imagine, the costs of the installation plummet. These units can be wall mounted, partially recessed, or fully recessed into the wall – depending on the look you desire and the dynamics of your wall. For the majority of electric fireplaces, the depth is only about 20cm (8 inches), so even a wall-mounted installation won’t extend into the room much farther than your TV would. It’s an easy and efficient way to bring functional warmth and comfort, along with breathtaking style. And the results are always met with glowing reviews

Would you like to add the comfort and style of a fireplace to your home? We’d be more than happy to show you how an electric fireplace can be the perfect enhancement for any room – big or small.