Have you considered adding an electric fireplace? Here’s why you should.

A drive through your neighbourhood likely reveals the sights and sounds of renovations. As we’ve long eclipsed the one-year mark for various lockdown and stay-at-home mandates, we can really consider this round-two of the at-home improvements. While odd jobs and touch-ups outside the house are typical of the season – and are likely winding down – this past year has highlighted the importance and benefits of in-home comforts. The addition of a fireplace is one of most effective ways to achieve this. Few features can enhance your living space like a fireplace. From the aesthetics to the warmth and comfort, the difference makes a lasting impression. And hopefully, along with those quiet nights with the family, hosting guests will be back on the horizon.

Add the comfort of a fireplace to your home

It would be difficult to overstate the impact a fireplace has on your living space. In the wintertime, there is nothing more inviting than a nice, warm fire to greet you after spending time outside in the frigid temperatures. Warming up by the fire is a time-honoured activity that’s been enjoyed for hundreds of thousands of years – and, likely, that’s big reason for the soothing, relaxing feeling we get when we gather around it. That attraction is why fireplace features also boast the benefit of improving the value of your home.

Learn More About Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces give you all the comfort and style with more versatility

Electric fireplaces have, historically, been an overlooked option. Previously, people have gravitated to the classic wood-burning units, or natural-gas installations. But, electric fireplaces have so much more to offer than they did even a decade ago. From a style standpoint, you’ll be able to find an option that perfectly suits your space. Whether you’re looking for something classic, with a similar look to a traditional wood unit, or something more contemporary that suits a modern, sleek décor, the options are diverse.

The versatility of electric fireplaces is the primary advantage. Unlike other fireplace formats, these units can be placed almost anywhere. Since there isn’t any combustion and need for venting, installation doesn’t require the clearances and safeguards that a gas or wood-burning fireplace would. This is often the biggest challenge when determining where a fireplace can be located. An electric unit makes your placement decisions much easier. The depth of most units is only about 20cm (8 inches) – leaving little to protrude out into the room, or, making it easy to recess into the wall. That flexibility, coupled with the ease of installation, means any room in your home could feature the warmth and beauty of an electric fireplace!

The appeal of safety

Safety is another reason many are looking closer at electric fireplaces. In addition to there being no need for a vent or chimney, there also aren’t the cautions that come with an open flame or a gas-fueled fire to worry about. No concerns with smoke entering the room or the dangers of carbon monoxide – which must be taken into consideration when choosing other fireplace options. With the lack of combustion, maintenance is also very light. A simple wipe-down every once in a while and the very occasional replacement of the fireplace light bulb may be all that’s required.

Efficient and eco-friendly choice

The efficiency of an electric fireplace is tough to top, too. Given that it enables you to heat the room that you’re occupying, can help you reduce your heating bills in the winter months. They use only a small amount of electricity and still provide you with the comfortable warmth and relaxing glow. This is a key reason why these units are so popular in bedrooms. And, since they don’t create any emissions or burn fuel, they’re an eco-friendly choice as well.

Are you tackling any home renovations or upgrades? We’d be more than happy to help. See how easy it is to add the comfort and style of an electric fireplace to your living space.