4 key trends shaping gas fireplaces

Are you looking to add a gas fireplace to your home? Or, are you upgrading a current one? Well, if it’s been awhile since you’ve browsed a showroom, you’re going to be impressed. Gas fireplaces have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. The advancement of these units can really be summed up in a couple of words: style and sustainability. As home décor has evolved, so has the look and feel of newer units. Far more options are now available to complement the style of your home. And, more importantly, the comfort and visual appeal your gas fireplace is becoming more and more sensitive to the environment.  

More efficient. More sustainable.  

Aside from the convenience, one of the main advantages a gas unit has over traditional wood-burning fireplaces is their efficiency. On average, going from wood to gas results energy-efficiency jump from around 15% up to 72% - a staggering difference. These improvements continue. A prime example of this is the end of standing pilot lights. If you own, or have seen, a gas-fueled fireplace unit that’s more than a handful of years old, you likely noticed the ever-present blue glow of the pilot light. Newer units now offer the option to use an “intermittent pilot ignition” or “pilot-on-demand” system. Particularly during months of minimal use, this can drastically cut down the amount of gas used, as well as the resulting emissions, and lower your costs.  

Greater temperature control

Directly related to efficiency is greater control. An enormous amount of innovation has gone into gas-fireplace remotes. Now, your remote is far more than an on-and-off switch with basic power-adjustment capabilities. The ability to set the temperature of your room provides you with optimal comfort at optimal efficiency. Along with temperature control, you can also set the time your fireplace turns on and off. This means you can come home to a nice, warm, and cozy home without running the fireplace or your furnace excessively while you’re gone. Both of these features can help you use your gas fireplace to focus warmth appropriately in your home. If your unit is in the family room, and your family spends most of the evening hours there, you can keep everyone warm while lowering the heat throughout the rest of your home.  




Incredible advancements in style – fresh, modern looks to suit contemporary décors.   

Perhaps the most eye-opening trend in gas fireplaces are the sleek new styles. The wow factor that comes with many of the new designs is hard to describe. It’s almost hard to imagine a time when showrooms were filled primarily with gas units that simply served to replicate the look-and-feel of their wood-burning predecessors. And, yes, the beauty of those units continues to improve as well. But now you can find breathtaking designs that would be a primary feature in even the most modern decors you can imagine.  

Large, linear, and free of edges has become a popular style; complementing a chic minimalist look. Without the framing of a mantel, the fireplace instantly takes on a very elegant look – highlighting the crisp lines that showcase the fire. This style also makes a centre-hung flatscreen TV above the unit feel even more natural. Stand-alone units have also become more popular for those with larger, open-concept areas. Having a fireplace that can be experienced from multiple sides can be a central feature in a home. Uniqueness has become much more achievable in recent years. Various styles of corner units are an illustration of the flexibility and versatility that designs have taken.   

Even more flexibility for smaller rooms.  

The trend of enhanced versatility may be more apparent in smaller spaces. Smaller rooms have always presented some challenges for the installation of a gas fireplace. These challenges continue to be met with solutions. One of the latest innovations is zero-clearance units. While direct venting immediately made gas fireplaces a feasible option in smaller spaces, there was still the issue of clearance. Now, zero-clearance units are overcoming this obstacle. This gives you more versatility to how you design the walls that frame your fireplace. It also means items like TVs and media devices can be hung or positioned closer to the unit. And with the enhanced temperature control, you can bring the comfort and visual beauty of a gas fireplace to your small room.  

Would you like to learn more about the newest trends in gas fireplaces? Our team would be happy to help you find the unit that best suits the dynamics of your homes as well as its décor.  

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